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Innovation &
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Creative ideas. Innovative Solutions. Cutting-edge Technologies.

Fark Labs TEKMER is an innovation center bringing together entrepreneurs, companies, and investors who aim to build a better future for all. Fark Labs defines creativity as new added values crafted through connections established between seemingly unrelated works and subjects. Fostering innovation and continuous transformation through collective wisdom and collaboration, Fark Labs TEKMER supports everyone enthusiastic about emerging technologies and eager to make a real difference in the world at every step.
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Advantages of being a Fark Labs TEKMER member

Fark Labs TEKMER offers a modern workplace for anyone who aims to innovate extraordinary added values. Extending over an area of approx. 2,000 square meters on two floors of 42 Maslak, the workspace promises an inspiring environment with its walls colored with artworks and graffiti, a garden surrounded by greenery, and an event space for various occasions.
Residents of this inspiring environment have access to consulting, product and business development services, as well as an extensive network of funds and investments from the European Union, Horizon Europe, EIT, F+ Ventures, and more.
Entrepreneurs of Fark Labs TEKMER will not only get to know pioneering individuals and potential investors but also benefit from the privileges granted by Law No. 5746, KOSGEB support, and R&D incentives.


In Fark Labs TEKMER, we offer an aesthetic, functional, and comfortable workspace for everyone.
Fixed Desk

You can choose a fixed desk of your own, personalize this area and work in interaction with other members.

Private Office

You can customize your workspace for yourself or teamwork, with the technical infrastructure required by your business.


You can use the co-working space you want and enjoy yourself most efficiently throughout the day.

Office. People. Events.

Scenes from our everyday life

Whether you are a creative, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur, Fark Labs TEKMER aims to bring together innovative people who are pursuing bright ideas.

In Fark Labs TEKMER, we push the limits of our services for people from various creative industries.
We are continually updating our technology infrastructure so that our members can think without limits, work efficiently, and develop innovative ideas.
08:00 – 20:00 Office Use
Ergonomic Workspaces
Meeting Rooms
Members-Exclusive Events
Self-development Trainings
Prototyping Workshop
Networking and Collaboration Opportunities
Information Desk, Secretary, Post Office
High-Speed Internet
Operational Expenses (Electricity, Water, Dues, Daily Cleaning, Heating-Cooling, Maintenance-Repair, etc.)
Unlimited Coffee & Tea and Treats


Events & Announcements

Fark Labs TEKMER hosts pitches, talks, promotional events, networking events, and happy hours every month that will allow you to both learn while also having fun. We empower you to encounter new ideas, perspectives, and people.